Pigment shelf and lab analyst. LIMS delivery can fine tuned to a perfect match with lab requirements

Service Catalogue

Multi user License Fee

Both Production and Test/Training LIMS instances. The secondary LIMS is used for acceptance testing, thereafter as e-learning sandbox for users to uninhibitedly test real life scenarios without interrupting production

Cloud based implementations
$250 pm

Training 90 minutes screen sharing

Prioritised User support
Pay only for hours consumed
Prepaid support buckets
$105 ph

Full Implementation projects
Complete LIMS implementation cycles from Gap Analysis to Going Live

Cherry-pick from
  • Gap Analysis, Specifications
  • Customisation
  • Installation
  • Data Migration
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Start-up Assistance
  • Maintenance and Support

Please request quotes for lab specific
$105 ph
Gap Analysis and Specifications
$115 ph
$125 ph

Minimize Cost
Optimised support through use of free online resources and assistance on community forums

Service based pricing rewards hard-working labs

Free Organic Marketing
Participating in public Bika LIMS forums sees lab search engine rankings improve significantly

NGOs, Universities and Start-ups
Deserving NGOs, academic Institutions, start-ups and labs in resource poor settings, please contact us for favourable prices

Only through the success of our clients is Bika able to sustain the project

Pay only for Services Consumed
Over time, in-house skills grow strong, diminishing support requirements. Bika favours prepaid support buckets which labs use only when necessary. Hard-working labs consuming fewer hours benefit

Based on the knowledge gained during implementation phases, labs often go independent in six to nine months, only using occasional support